Even Donald Trump’s hype man is now admitting that Trump is a goner

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I’ve never been a fan of putting consistent liars on the air. Even if you’re doing it to debunk them, you’re never going to be able to push back against it in real time. The result is that the audience hears a steady stream of lies from the guest, a third of which are rebuked by the host. When it comes to the truth, that’s not a winning formula in general. All that said, on Wednesday, Ari Melber put notoriously dishonest Trump apologist Peter Navarro on the air, and Navarro ended up telling the truth about one important thing.

Peter Navarro was just convicted of contempt of Congress. Even though the case against him was ironclad, he’s arguing that he was only convicted because the trial took place in Washington DC, where the jury pool is mostly Democrats. With jury screening processes and such, this isn’t really how things work. Navarro would have been convicted no matter where his trial took place. But it’s the crutch he’s falling back on while trying to tell himself that he got a raw deal.

After Navarro pitched this narrative, host Ari Melber asked Navarro point blank if he thinks Donald Trump can get off the hook in his upcoming Washington DC jury trial. At this point Navarro admitted that he thinks Trump will be convicted.

You’d think a career-long bullshitter like Peter Navarro could have come up with some twisted logic for why he expects Donald Trump to magically get off the hook at trial. After all, at this point Trump world’s only remaining narrative is that Trump will magically get off the hook, magically become President again, and punish us all accordingly. If Trump and his people can’t sell the idea that Trump is going to get off the legal hook, then the whole Trump thing is finished.

So it’s notable that Navarro simply seemed too exhausted – by his own recent conviction, by the mounting charges against Trump, by Trump’s increasingly senile public performances, take your pick – to even try to stick with the “Trump is going to get away with it all” narrative. Navarro simply surrendered to the truth for once.

We’re going to see more of this. In fact we are seeing more of this. We learned this week that former Trump attorney Lin Wood is a witness for the prosecution in the Fulton County case. This means that Wood realized he and Trump and the gang were going down, and he decided not to go down with them. Lin Wood used to be defiant in his insistence that he’d stick with Trump no matter what. Now he’s a cooperating witness against Trump, because the Trump ship is sinking, and people like Wood know it.

And now we have Trump adviser Peter Navarro going on TV and admitting that Donald Trump is going to be convicted in his Washington DC criminal trial. Sure, this still leaves the door slightly ajar for the media to run with the laugh out loud unrealistic scenario where Trump is convicted, gets sent to prison, somehow magically wins the election from prison, and then takes office anyway. But this is a scenario that has literally zero chance of happening. Back in the real world, even Trump’s biggest hype men are now simply too exhausted to keep up the fantasy that this is all magically going to work out.

Peter Navarro is now admitting that Donald Trump is going to prison, and Lin Wood is now helping to put Donald Trump in prison. Even as recently as a few months ago, most folks would have sworn that we’d have never reached such a point. Now we’re here – and it’s still only September 2023. Give it another month or two, and Trump world will be even further down the drain. Even Trump world is now starting to admit it. Just ask them.

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