Et tu, Kevin McCarthy?


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Betrayal is like a snake in the grass. It may hide at first, but it is always there waiting. It waits quietly and slyly in cover until the moment it flings itself at whatever poor soul happens to encounter it. “Et tu, Brute?”

In the Shakespearean tragedy of Julius Caesar, Caesar utters these words to whom he thought was one of his closest friends and confidants, Brutus. But Brutus betrayed him. It’s one of the most famous betrayals.

But “et tu Kevin?” might be one of OUR biggest betrayals in modern politics in America. Who did Kevin betray? That will become clear. The “SPEAKER” of the house — in name only you understand — is the subject of much wrath from many people.

Kevin McCarthy exploded at journalists the other day because he felt they were too hard on him. Actually, I think they went a bit easy. You see, Kevin is a betrayal of many people, but his biggest betrayal is of truth.

Kevin McCarthy is practicing selective prosecution. He has pushed Eric Swalwell and Adam Schiff off their committees, yet he allows George Santos — a pathological liar under criminal investigation — onto the small business committee.

He has anointed Marjorie Taylor Greene with way too much power. This is a woman who had made violent threats. She should not be in congress, let alone be given committee assignments.

Kevin McCarthy has betrayed the House of Representatives, which exists for us, the people. Kevin has besmirched it. He has betrayed his constituents back home who cry out for help. You see, Kevin is a betrayal of many people, but his biggest betrayal is of Justice.

Kevin McCarthy has betrayed his oath of office. Undoubtedly, he is shaping up to be the worst Speaker the House has ever seen.

So yes, I say, “et tu, Kevin?” Because other than Donald Trump, Kevin is perhaps the worst of the betrayers. Everything about him is a mirage.


It’s fake. The man does not exist. He is an imposter, a stranger in the house. He has betrayed anything and everything about truth, justice, and the American way by virtue of his thin-skinned alliances and cowardly actions.


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