Donald Trump’s buddy Erik Prince just got busted for felony perjury

Erik Prince definitely runs a private army, he’s definitely the brother of Donald Trump’s Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos, and he’s allegedly one of the architects of the Trump-Russia criminal plot. Even as we wait to see whether or not there’s evidence to prove Prince guilty of conspiring against the United States, it looks like he just nailed himself for felony perjury.

It’s long been widely reported that, during the 2016 election, Erik Prince held a meeting with Arab and Israeli officials at Trump Tower. The trouble: the transcript of his 2017 testimony reveals that he lied to the House Intelligence Committee about this meeting. Now that the committee is in Democratic Party hands, it’s recently turned over this and other transcripts to Robert Mueller, who is now in a position to ring up Prince for perjury. The thing is Prince basically just confessed.

Erik Prince just gave an interview to Al Jazeera’s Mehdi Hasan, and he’s now admitting that he did in fact hold the meeting. When he was asked why he lied about it to Congress, he claimed that he did tell Congress about the meeting, saying “I don’t know if they got the transcript wrong.”

We don’t think this is a slip-up. It’s widely expected that Robert Mueller will criminally indict Erik Prince and others for perjury based on congressional transcripts, and that he’ll use those perjury charges – which are rather easy to prove to a jury – to try to force them to cut plea deals on the more complex charges against them. It sounds like Prince is going with the legal defense that he told the truth, and the transcriber was merely asleep or something. It won’t work. No jury will buy this. Instead he just made it worse for himself.