Eric Trump’s lawyer abruptly quits as New York probe closes in

Last week Eric Trump went on a propaganda cable news channel and complained that he and his family were receiving “subpoena after subpoena.” It was clear that he was feeling the heat, but it wasn’t clear why. Now we’re getting some answers.

Multiple major news outlets are reporting today that Eric Trump’s lawyer Marc Mukasey abruptly quit a week ago. No reason is being given. But Mukasey has long been a fixture in Trump world, so it’s somewhat startling that he’s bailing like this.

Interestingly, Mukasey had only been representing Eric Trump in the civil side of the New York probe into the Trump Organization, while Eric Trump has been relying on a different lawyer for the criminal side of the New York probe. Yesterday Allen Weisselberg’s lawyers stated in court that they expect more people to be criminally indicted in this probe, and as we pointed out last night, indictments tend to move up the hierarchy – and everyone in the Trump Organization who’s ranked higher than Weisselberg is named “Trump.”


So now we’re left to wonder if perhaps Eric Trump is ditching his civil lawyer in the New York probe because he now fears or expects that he’ll be criminally indicted, and so he’s focusing entirely on his criminal defense. We’ll see. But the timing is interesting to say the least – and you don’t part ways with a lawyer in the middle of a probe for no reason.

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