Eric Trump waves the white flag

Donald Trump wanted to win the 2016 election so badly, he treasonously conspired with Vladimir Putin in order to rig the election in his favor. Trump’s theft of the presidency has resulted in most of his henchmen and friends being on their way to prison, his kids being targeted for criminal prosecution, and his entire real estate crime syndicate in danger of being exposed and dismantled.

It turns out the “dumbest” member of the Trump family is the first one to figure out that it was all a mistake, or at least he’s the first to publicly admit it. That’s right, Eric Trump is the most prescient one of the bunch. He appeared on Fox & Friends and he was asked if it was “worth it” for the Trump “family dynamics be put on this type of pressure” (translation: everyone in the family in danger of going to prison). Eric coughed up an interesting answer.

Eric Trump said this response to whether “winning” the presidency was worth it: “Have I thought it in my mind? Have I said it casually at dinner with my wife? A hundred percent … I mean, this was a billionaire who gave up an unbelievable life to go get punched on the chin every single day, to get abused, and quite frankly, as a family we’ve done that as well.”

In other words, Eric Trump clearly does not think any of this was worth it. That’s remarkable when you consider that he might be the least likely to end up in prison of any Trump family member, if only because Donald Trump thought Eric was too stupid to be trusted with the adult crime stuff. The rest of the Trump family is going to end up being far more regretful than Eric Trump sounds right now.