Eric Swalwell rips Donald Trump a new one

As if it weren’t already clear, Donald Trump is making it more obvious by the day that he is terrified. For perhaps the first time in his criminal life, Trump is acting as if he is actually aware that his previous wrongdoings will come back to haunt him. While we have all become accustomed to his insane ramblings, Trump’s actions and statements over the past couple weeks clearly demonstrate that the individual possessing the nuclear launch codes is demonstrably too unstable to hold such an important position.

With the world watching, Donald Trump stood in the White House Rose Garden and threatened to continue his partial government shutdown – which he now says could last for “months or even years.” During his unhinged rantings, Trump also claimed that he might formally declare a National Emergency in order to seize private land and build his racist wall. As Democratic Rep. Eric Swalwell stated, “There is a national emergency alright. He lives at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.”

It turns out Congressman Swalwell was not done putting Trump in his place. As a member of the House Intelligence committee, Swalwell is now forecasting some important investigations into the entire Trump family’s illegal business. “We will open up a money-laundering inquiry as to whether the Russians were laundering money through the Trump organization,” Swalwell said.

“You’re talking about years of records, years of relationships that the Trump family has had,” Swalwell continued. “I think we want to have a comprehensive picture of whether or not the president is financially compromised by the Russians.” While we’re only days into the New Year, and most importantly the Democrats’ new House majority, it is refreshing to see congressional members already putting the appropriate fear into Trump and his family.