Donald Trump reveals just how petrified he is of the Jeffrey Epstein scandal

Donald Trump has already shown some strong hints that he’s afraid of the new criminal case against his old friend Jeffrey Epstein. He pretty clearly forced his top henchman William Barr to un-recuse himself from the case, just one day after the DOJ announced that Barr would be recusing himself. Trump has also been acting even more unhinged than usual, and there’s little doubt that he started his racist tantrum this week as an attempted distraction. But today Trump gave away just how afraid he is of the Epstein scandal, when he was directly asked about it.

Brian Karem, a White House correspondent who has routinely shown he’s unafraid to ask the Trump regime tough questions, asked Donald Trump this question today: “Have you ever been to a social function with Jeff Epstein and underage girls?” According to Karem, Trump responded by pointing to the sky, saying that it was going to rain, and walked away.

That tells you all you really need to know, doesn’t it? All that Donald Trump had to do was say “no” and walk away – if he thought he could get away with simply saying “no.” Even if he was legitimately worried about eventual rain, a one-word answer would have taken him literally one second. At the very least, Trump just signaled that he can’t give a one-word answer to the question, which is alarming, considering the nature of the question.

We still don’t know specifically where this is headed. This past week, various major media outlets have published accusations of Donald Trump and Jeffrey Epstein having thrown wild parties together involving large numbers of women who had been flown in for the parties, but these stories have not included accusations that the Trump-Epstein parties involved underage girls. Of all the numerous accusations and criminal charges involving Epstein and underage girls, none of them have thus far involved Trump. So why couldn’t Trump just answer the question today? This whole thing is getting uglier by the minute.

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