Enough of this crap already

Thursday’s House Judiciary debate on the articles of impeachment, while lasting for nearly fourteen and a half hours, certainly had some memorable moments, – but there were also numerous cringe worthy occasions where Republican members of Congress went even further berserk than many could have predicted. Republican Representative Jim Sensenbrenner, who represents Wisconsin’s 5th district and has been in Congress since 1979, made some comments that may not receive proper attention but certainly stood out to me.

During the Thursday hearings, Sensenbrenner continued to espouse the talking points put out by Trump’s White House. “Whenever we have a President and a majority in the House of Representatives controlled by opposite parties, you’re going to attempt to see the majority in the House of Representatives attempt to impeach the President.” Facts, thankfully, refute such false statements. Going back to President Washington, there have been 46 sessions of Congress in which different parties held the presidency and the House of Representatives. Over the 230 years since our first President, there have only been 3 occasions, out of 46 possible occurrences, that impeachment actually happened.

Despite members of Congress having access to higher levels of classified intel than the average person, Sensenbrenner also stated, “I think the President would be derelict in his duty, at least, if he had just given the foreign aid without trying to check on corruption.” Trump’s own FBI has testified that full and proper investigations proved that Ukraine had sufficiently proved to have corrected any issues that would impede their receiving of necessary military assistance to protect themselves from Russia.

Sensenbrenner’s testimony proceeded to go even further into clichéd excuses that Republicans have used to defend a clearly impeachable Trump. “If Donald Trump is not impeached and removed from office he will steal the 2020 election – that is one of the most outlandish predictions that I have ever heard,” Sensenbrenner claimed. “The 2020 election will be looked at very closely by representatives of both of the candidates, by news media, by a lot of citizens. It’s gonna be pretty darn hard to steal the 2020 election.”

It’s more than obvious that Trump is willing and able to request, accept, and promote assistance from foreign nations in an effort to subvert American democracy just to win. He did it during the 2016 election and he’s working hard to do the same for the 2020 election. While Congressman such as Sensenbrenner believe their reelection campaigns could be advanced by promoting Russian propaganda, it is time to send him, and Trump into political retirement.

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