Donald Trump suddenly has a whole new enemies list

Because he’s an unpopular scumbag and a corrupt failure, a whole lot of people have called out and/or condemned Donald Trump. And because Trump narcissistically views everything in terms of personal loyalty, he’s decided that a whole lot of people are his designated enemies. As of today, Trump has a whole new enemies list.

Over the weekend, Trump decided that four freshman House Democrats were his designated enemies, because they’re women, and they’re not white, and they’ve been outspoken about their disgust toward him. Even though the four of them weren’t exactly getting along with Nancy Pelosi particularly well, Trump took his racist attacks on them so far, Pelosi ended up spearheading today’s effort to formally condemn him for it.

That put numerous House Republicans in the no-win position of having to either vote that Trump is not a racist, which could be used against them when they run for reelection in 2020, or having to vote that Trump is a racist, which would immediately put them in Trump’s crosshairs. Four of them – Will Hurd, Brian Fitzpatrick, Fred Upton, and Susan Brooks – voted with the Democrats in condemning Trump for being a racist.

Donald Trump hasn’t yet attacked the four of them, but we all know what comes next. Last month GOP Congressman Justin Amash called for Trump’s impeachment, prompting Trump to fire back in such disturbing fashion, Amash ended up quitting the Republican Party over it. Now four more House Republicans are officially on the record against Trump, this time calling him a racist – which means they’ve surely made Trump’s enemies list as well.

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