Donald Trump gets confused about what state he’s in, threatens to end his rally early

Donald Trump, who was visibly in poor health even before he suffered a severe case of coronavirus, has been rigorously hitting the campaign trail over the past two weeks. His behavior has become even more uneven and unhinged than ever, and earlier this week he thought he was in Minnesota when he was in Michigan. Now Trump appears to be really struggling.

Trump held a rally in Lumberton, North Carolina today. That was apparently news to Trump, because at one point he asked, “Can you imagine if I lost in Iowa?” Some may try to argue that Trump knew he was in North Carolina and that he was focusing on Iowa anyway, but that wouldn’t make things better.

Trump also threatened to end his rally early, complaining about the heat. To be clear, this is late October, and the temperatures in Lumberton were in the low eighties today. So it may have been warm out, but not nearly as hot as it’s been during earlier points in the election cycle.

The thing to keep an eye on now his whether Donald Trump continues cutting his rallies short in the coming days, and whether he continues to get confused about where he’s at. If he’s running out of gas, physically and mentally, the pattern will become more clear this upcoming week.

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