Donald Trump’s White House lawyer Emmet Flood is resigning at the most suspicious time possible

This afternoon, even as his Meghan Markle and USS John McCain scandals were exploding around him, Donald Trump announced out of nowhere on Twitter this afternoon that his prized White House lawyer Emmet Flood is resigning. Considering Flood’s expertise and the timing, suffice it to say that something suspicious is afoot.

For reference, here’s what Donald Trump tweeted: “Emmet Flood, who came to the White House to help me with the Mueller Report, will be leaving service on June 14th. He has done an outstanding job – NO COLLUSION – NO OBSTRUCTION! Case Closed! Emmet is my friend, and I thank him for the GREAT JOB he has done.” Here’s the thing.

Some news outlets are framing this as Flood resigning because he was brought in to protect Trump during the Mueller investigation, which is now over. But that’s not the correct story. Flood is an expert at defending a president’s use of executive privilege – something that Flood did for Bill Clinton decades ago. Now that the Mueller probe is over and the House probes are ramping up, Trump is about to get knee deep into legal battles over whether he can use executive privilege to prevent people like Don McGahn and Hope Hicks from testifying before Congress.

In other words, Emmet Flood is abruptly resigning just as Donald Trump is getting to the part where he’s going to need Flood’s expertise the most. Something isn’t right here. This is the most suspicious time possible for Flood to bail. Either Trump suddenly decided that Flood isn’t his guy anymore, or Flood decided that he doesn’t want to carry Trump’s water anymore. There has to be more to this story. Stay tuned.

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