Ivanka Trump humiliates herself yet again

The 2018 Winter Olympics have come to a close. Shaun White soared back. The U.S. Men’s Curling Team made history with its first Gold Medal. But the real takeaways from these Games were political. First, Pence embarrassed the Nation by pulling another NFL style ceremonial pout at the opening ceremonies. But the best was yet to come.

To ensure that the focus was on 45, and not on the athletes or their accomplishments, 45 sent his most photogenic, “capable”, “brightest”, and “loyal” supporter to suck up air time at the closing ceremonies, his one and only first daughter Ivana Marie “Ivanka” Trump to head the U.S. delegation.

If Ivanka was only in South Korea as a photo prop, then no one would have bothered to give her any air time. But like Pence before her, Ivanka also carried a political portfolio. She was charged as 45’s special emissary to South Korea to deliver news about new sanctions on North Korea. Normally, the news would be delivered by the ambassador. But, alas, we still don’t have one. Well then, by the Secretary of State. But Rex Tillerson, correctly, thinks 45 is a “f****** moron”. Besides, he’s too busy dismantling the State Department. So what made Ivanka the best 45 could send? The answer is simple. She loves her daddy.

While purporting to be 45’s representative, Ivanka didn’t think it was fair that a reporter asked questions about the numerous women who have accused 45 of sexual improprieties. She claimed Daddy/Daughter privilege. She earned that right when 45 divorced her mommy in March, 1991. So asking about other women who have competed for daddy’s affections is a direct assault on Ivanka’s proprietary rights. Questions about her lack of a security clearance or any qualifications to serve as a U.S. diplomat are fair game. But psycho-sexual questions about her daddy, definitely are out of bounds.

Bruce C. Cohen

Bruce C. Cohen is an attorney and the author of Missouri Defendant’s Procedural Warfare Manual. He also writes fiction as Charlie Kenmore and Ken Charles.