Donald Trump’s allies are dropping like flies

When the Republican National Convention announced its speaker list over the weekend, a startlingly large percentage of the speakers had the last name “Trump” – a reminder of just how few true political allies Donald Trump has left. His ship is sinking, and everyone knows it, and most of the biggest names in the Republican Party are afraid of standing too close to him.

When you consider just how few allies Donald Trump has these days, it’s even more remarkable how many of his remaining allies are dropping like flies. For instance, Kellyanne Conway resigned from the Trump White House last night. The move appears to be a result of her worsening family drama. The timing couldn’t be worse for Trump.

This comes a few days after Donald Trump’s sometimes-henchman Steve Bannon was arrested by Trump’s own federal government, in the latest reminder that Trump doesn’t have as much control over the criminal justice system as he’d like to think he does. Not only does this leave Bannon too busy mounting a criminal defense to be of much use to Trump in the election, it also raises the question of which other Trump allies might get arrested by the SDNY between now and election day.

And of course this is all playing out even as recordings of Donald Trump’s own sister Maryanne Trump Barry reveal just how much she despises and disrespects him. The recordings were made awhile back, and there’s no indication that Maryanne was on board with the decision to make it all public. But Trump is losing people at breakneck pace – and he didn’t have many people to begin with.

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