The real reason Donald Trump just brought the Dr. Ronny Jackson disaster back to the forefront

Last year Donald Trump’s personal military physician, Admiral Ronny Jackson, made the laugh-out-loud false claim that Trump only weighed 239 pounds. Trump then tried to reward Jackson’s dishonesty by nominating him to run the VA. This led to a number of ugly allegations surfacing about Jackson, prompting him to withdraw from the nomination and cease being Trump’s primary doctor. Now Trump is dragging Jackson into the forefront again.

If you recall, various people accused Dr. Ronny Jackson of being an out of control drunk and harasser of women, along with illegally handing out prescription drugs like candy to people in the Trump White House. These allegations were never proven or disproven, at least in public view, because Jackson withdrew his name before things could progress any further. But now we’re learning that the military is still investigating the allegations against Jackson – and this has somehow prompted Trump to come out swinging in his favor.

Jackson is under consideration to receive an additional Admiral star, which has become controversial because of the allegations and ongoing investigation. But Donald Trump is demanding that Jackson receive the honor, ad he’s also decided to reinstate Jackson as his chief medical advisor, according to CNN and other major news outlets. It’s not clear why Trump is choosing to reignite this old and forgotten scandal at this time, but we have our theories.

One possibility would be that Donald Trump fears the ongoing investigation will expose that Ronny Jackson was giving him improper prescription drugs, and so he’s trying to shield Jackson from the investigation. Another possibility would be that Trump has decided he needs a new false medical report, and Jackson is the only guy he knows who’s willing to do it. The question would be what Trump wants Jackson to falsely say about him this time. Is he looking to have Jackson declare him mentally unfit, so he can mount an insanity defense at his increasingly inevitable criminal trial?