Dozens of State Department employees come forward to sell Mike Pompeo out

Last night we learned that Gordon Sondland, the U.S. Ambassador who played a key role in Donald Trump’s Ukraine extortion scandal, has agreed to testify before the House impeachment inquiry next week. That means he’s selling out his boss, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, who publicly ordered his employees not to cooperate on any level. It turns out Sondland is far from the only person selling Pompeo out.

Dozens of State Department employees are now actively selling out Mike Pompeo by leaking embarrassing things about his behavior to the media. Do you know how thoroughly you have to turn your own people against you for dozens of them to turn against you? Sure, the guy has always been a complete jerk, and now it turns out he’s been participating in a treason plot. But still, the guy is being sold out from all sides – and it’s just getting started.

In addition to the dozens of people who are coming forward to reveal that Mike Pompeo has cracked under the pressure and become a screaming bully who can’t even focus on his work, there are also the people selling him out in more substantive fashion. Kurt Volker, who resigned from the State Department a few days ago, has since testified to the House impeachment inquiry. Former U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine, who was fired this summer for not being corrupt enough, is testifying this upcoming week. So is Sundland.

We’re a little surprised that Mike Pompeo has lasted this many days into the impeachment inquiry, considering how thoroughly he’s taking on water from all sides. Really, who had Rick Perry being the first Trump cabinet member to resign in this scandal? Considering the sheer number of people who are selling him out in so many ways, we don’t see him lasting much longer.


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