Down Goes Trump

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Guess what? Donald Trump’s support in the state of Iowa has just cratered. A new Emerson Poll is out. And it shows some shocking results. For Iowa Republicans, Trump is at 49 percent. Now, that doesn’t sound bad, you might be thinking. And on the surface, it isn’t. But when one digs deeper… in the month of May, Trump’s support with these very voters sat at 62 percent. That is a damned HUGE drop. A 15-point drop.

Listen, these polls are but snapshots in time. But we’ve been saying for months now that Trump is not the anointed nominee, that nothing’s been decided, that nothing COULD be decided this early in the race, and now we have a snapshot that seems to echo that sentiment.

And as for DeSantis? His numbers have also dropped as no doubt Iowa finally got a good look at pudding fingers and were horrified with what they saw. In fact, the poll showed no one candidate gained bigly. The race could be any Republican’s right now.

And I have a feeling based on all those boos Trump got in Iowa, based on what folks in Iowa are saying, based on Trump ignoring the first debate, based on A LOT of things — that his numbers will drop even more. Of course, that isn’t a guarantee. But for now, anyway, the verdict in Iowa is that this race is anybody’s for the taking.

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