Donald Trump goes completely berserk about Hurricane Dorian

Yesterday, Donald Trump rattled off a list of states on the east coast that are expected to get hit hard by Hurricane Dorian, which is currently in the Atlantic Ocean. The trouble: he included Alabama, which isn’t on the east coast, and could only get directly hit by the storm if it were in the Gulf of Mexico.

Trump screwed this up for the television cameras, and he screwed it up again on Twitter. The whole thing was so embarrassing, his own federal government had to issue a correction, even as local news outlets in Alabama tried to get the word out that people shouldn’t panic. But instead of fixing his error, Trump is doing what he always does: going utterly berserk about it:

Such a phony hurricane report by lightweight reporter Jon Karl of ABC World News. I suggested yesterday at FEMA that, along with Florida, Georgia, South Carolina and North Carolina, even Alabama could possibly come into play, which WAS true. They made a big deal about this when in fact, under certain original scenarios, it was in fact correct that Alabama could have received some “hurt.” Always good to be prepared! But the Fake News is only interested in demeaning and belittling. Didn’t play my whole sentence or statement. Bad people!


There are a couple of glaring problems here. First, that’s not what Trump said. His original tweet said this: “In addition to Florida – South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia, and Alabama, will most likely be hit (much) harder than anticipated.” Second, even if Trump were in the right, it’s completely out of bounds for the President of the United States to be having a public meltdown about something like this at a time when the nation is bracing for what could be a deadly disaster. Trump should resign, and seek counseling.

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