Doomsday hysteria strikes its ugly head yet again

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The polling averages have Biden and Trump tied in 2024. Those polling averages are suspect, because they include some polls that severely undersample or oversample certain demographics. But even if the polls were right, how could the media possibly conclude that Biden is “doomed” or even in any real trouble, if the polls are tied?

Yes, that’s right, the polls say Biden is tied, against an opponent like Trump who has four upcoming criminal trials and may not even make it to the election and is also plainly senile. And the media has decided that because polls are tied a year out, Biden is doomed and should drop out?

Well actually, they know they can’t sell that line. So they ignore 90% of the polls and instead only hype the occasional polls that say Trump is well ahead of Biden. Which is also called lying about the polls.

Imagine if a football game were tied in the third quarter, and the announcers declared that one team was doomed. Imagine further if the announcers were falsifying the score by only putting a fraction of the points on the screen, to make it look like the team they claim is “doomed” is instead way behind instead of being tied.

That would never fly. Those announcers would be fired by the end of the game and would never work again. But for some insane reason we hold something as inconsequential as sports news to a higher level of honesty than something as important as political news.

Again, Biden and Trump are not really tied. The polling averages are skewed because they include polls that are intentionally undersampling young voters and oversampling Republicans for shock value. Remove those prank polls, and you see that Biden is ahead. Not by as much as you’d like, but he’s ahead. The numbers say that you’d much rather be Biden than Trump right now with regard to 2024, and that’s even setting aside the part where Trump is going to prison.

But even if you insist on working with the full polling averages, which are skewed in Trump’s favor by some suspect polls, then you’d still say Biden is still tied for 2024. How can anyone claim that an incumbent President, who’s tied in the polling averages with a year to go, is doomed? This is National Enquirer level dishonesty.

Yet because “Biden is doomed” is a narrative that excites right wingers into watching the news, and scares everyone else into watching the news, it’s the narrative that the media feeds us. Nevermind that it’s false and easily disproven. And since the entire media is hyping this same false narrative, it provides them with cover. This dishonest behavior by the media won’t stop until all of you start actively pushing back against it with the facts.

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