Donald Trump’s worst enemy

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When one is an infant one can be forgiven for having things like temper tantrums. After all, a little baby cannot even talk yet. Babies cry frequently when they don’t get what they want. A good example of this just happened the other day.

“I can do whatever I want with them!” That was Donald Trump who I’m convinced has never left babyhood and whose brain must still be at about eight months old. In this now infamous interview with Hugh Hewitt, this was yet another subject that came up — the classified documents that Trump stole.

Trump actually came out and said these words. He came out and he said “I can do whatever I want with them.” I imagine this news made a couple of District Attorneys very happy. Trump cannot open up his mouth without incriminating himself so these words are actually very good news for us.

Still one has to wonder why would Trump further incriminate himself? Why doesn’t he just be quiet at this point? After all, he’s in so much trouble. The man seriously doesn’t wanna go to jail does he? I think it’s more about Donald Trump’s gigantic, bloated and bulbous never-ending ego.

It simply will not let the man be quiet. And these words may just spoil some of his lawyers’ defense strategies, particularly if they were going to try to say Trump had no idea he did anything wrong.

Trump, among all his issues, really does have a losing streak of self-sabotage. Every time he gets into trouble, he makes sure to make it a bit worse for himself. That’s why Trump will never be able to get out of this mess.

It’s not just the legal system that is making sure he gets what is coming to him. It’s not just Lady Justice. It’s also Donald Trump. Trump is assisting with his own demise by making statements like this. He is his own worst enemy.

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