Donald Trump’s worsening senility won’t get him off the legal hook

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Palmer Report was the first media outlet to properly put the spotlight on Donald Trump’s worsening senility. As you know, in recent months, Trump’s gotten worse. Some people have challenged us on this story. Some people do not believe Trump has any SENILITY. Some people say we’re making it up.

Now, this is America. Anyone can think anything they want. But I would like to go over the evidence once more. I am also baffled why anyone would think this is a made-up story. All one has to do is look at the evidence.

Several writers here have written about Trump’s senility, including Bill Palmer, myself, and others. But we never write ANYTHING we cannot back up. We also provide links and specific details of what Trump said and where he was when he said it.

Here are some of the reasons some people list for not believing us:

1) We’re wrong. Donald Trump is only making it so he can plead insanity at his trials.

To that, I respond: never. Trump is legally sane, but even if he were NOT, he’d never admit it. Trump’s whole thing is that he can’t admit weakness. He’d NEVER say he was out of his mind or that he did not mean what he said at any time. This is a man who can’t admit he’s ever been wrong about anything.

2) What are we talking about?! Trump’s behavior has changed little over the years!

That one is definitely incorrect. Show me a time in his life when Trump thought Jeb Bush was President, and Barack Obama and Joe Biden are the same President. Trump has ALWAYS said stupid things. But in the past, he has not screwed up history like he’s screwing it up now. I can’t think of one time in the past that he did that.

3) Trump did not mix up Obama and Biden. There is a Maga theory that Obama secretly runs the country. THAT is what Trump was referring to.

That’s true. There IS that theoryl But that is not the context that Trump used. There are ALSO Maga theories that Hillary Clinton runs the country, that Merrick Garland runs the country, and that the ‘deep state” runs the country. The reason there are all these theories is because Maga is paranoid.

I stand by Trump’s senility. I don’t know what else to think when I hear almost DAILY about these odd habits and strange behavioral patterns that never were there before. Now, here is something new. Word has it that many major Democrats are saying the real reason trump won’t debate is that he can’t.

Democratic strategies Maria Cardona said that the Biden campaign is now pointing out Trump’s mental state because it’s become very noticeable, and many are thinking this is why Trump has had many fewer rallies and why he won’t debate at all. This theory makes sense. Whenever Trump’s in public, he screws everything up, so it would stand to reason he’d want to keep away from debates and rallies.

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