Donald Trump’s worsening senility just came to a head

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For the past two and a half years I’ve been sounding the alarm about Donald Trump’s worsening senility. His public appearances in 2021 and 2022 were very rare, but when he did periodically surface, he increasingly came off as someone who didn’t know where he was and barely knew who he was. It seemed pretty clear that his own people were trying to hide him from public view.

Once Trump announced a faux-campaign to raise money for his legal problems, I wondered if he would continue to remain in hiding, or if he would insist on putting himself out there publicly over the objections of his babysitters. For the first half of 2023 it was mostly the former. But now that Trump’s indictments and trials are dominating the headlines, he’s indeed putting himself out there, in one speech and interview after another.

Sure enough, even though the interviewers are doing everything they can to go easy on him, Trump is falling apart. He accidentally confessed in an interview this past week that he knew he had a legal obligation to return the classified documents once a grand jury subpoenaed them. He also doesn’t appear to remember that he once gave a medal to Dr. Fauci. Now it’s gotten even worse.

Over the weekend Trump claimed that President Biden is going to get us into World War Two. And in case you’re tempted to write that off as Trump having randomly misspoken, he then turned around and claimed that he ran against Barack Obama – not Hillary Clinton – in 2016.

Now that Trump has come out of hiding and is putting himself out there again on a regular basis, the general public can finally see what those of us who have been paying close attention have been able to see for the past couple years: he’s gone senile. Trump was never exactly the most coherent speaker, even when he was in office. But he now comes off as a confused, overwhelmed, brain addled imitation of his former self.

It’s important that everyone is now seeing that Trump is senile. It’s forcing the media to save face by finally starting to dip its toe into admitting that there’s something wrong with Trump cognitively. And that’s important because once the media has to admit that Trump is senile, it’ll have to stop hyping the idea that he’s somehow going to be viable candidate when we get to 2024. The general public is going to laugh at the media if it keeps trying to sell the idea that a guy who’s senile and going to prison is somehow going to be a viable candidate.

Getting the general public to view Donald Trump as being senile is the quickest way to get rid of him. That can finish him off before his criminal trials and prison sentences can. Even as abhorrent as it is that the media keeps doing friendly softball interviews with Trump of late, the good news is that he’s in such bad cognitive shape that they can’t even prop him up.

So if Trump wants to keep putting himself out there like this, that’s fine. It’s merely allowing the general public to finally see what I’ve been shouting from the rooftops about for the past two and a half years: there’s just about nothing left of his withering brain.

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