Donald Trump’s world is a ticking time bomb and it’s about to go off

Over the past year we’ve grown accustomed to the political news being a bit less hectic than it had been during the previous four years when a psychotic traitor was occupying the office of President of the United States. Now we’re in cleanup mode, which tends to move far more incrementally, due to the nature of the legal system. But lately things have suddenly begun heating up in remarkable fashion. Here’s what all has transpired in the past week:

-The courts finally ruled that the majority of Rudy Giuliani’s seized communications were not protected by attorney-client privilege and turned them over to the DOJ, which is now free to indict Rudy as soon as it wants.

– The DOJ gave Matt Gaetz’s ex-girlfriend immunity in exchange for testifying against him to a grand jury, which will ostensibly indict him any day now. Gaetz’s former associate Joel Greenberg has also finally decided that he’s ready to be sentenced, meaning he expects Gaetz to get indicted soon, which will allow him to get credit for the results of his cooperation.

– The New York Attorney General announced in a court filing that she has evidence that Donald Trump and multiple members of his family committed financial fraud. Although she made the filing in her civil probe into the Trump Organization, she’s also jointly running a criminal probe into Trump with the Manhattan District Attorney, so her announcement seems to signal near-certain criminal indictments against the Trump family.

– The Fulton County Georgia District Attorney decided to empanel a special grand jury in her criminal probe into Donald Trump’s election fraud, a fairly clear signal that she intends to indict Trump, and that she wants to do so as soon as the constraints of the legal system will allow. She also previously met with Trump’s criminal defense attorneys, prompting Trump to go ballistic in a press release a short time later, another clear signal that she intends to indict him.

– The Supreme Court ruled that Donald Trump has no executive privilege argument in relation to January 6th, prompting the National Archives to deliver a ton of incriminating evidence to the January 6th Committee. This also wiped out the legal argument that the likes of Mark Meadows have been trying to use while attempting to avoid getting indicted for contempt of Congress.

Again, these developments have all happened within the past week. These are the kinds of developments that the “good guys” have spent the past year diligently working toward, and now that hard work is finally paying off. Donald Trump himself is on a clear track to be criminally indicted in multiple jurisdictions, and it’s a matter of who gets to him first. Numerous close Trump allies are weeks at most away from federal indictment, which will force them to consider flipping on Trump.

Oh and by the way, it was just eleven days ago that the DOJ arrested the entire Oath Keepers leadership in order to pressure them to flip on the Trump world people who are on the next rung up the ladder from them. At this point Trump world is taking so many devastating blows, it’s almost difficult to keep track of them all. And because Trump is just a Florida Man at this point without the office of the presidency to shield him, there’s nothing he can to do stop his world from being torn apart around him. Tick tock.