Donald Trump’s trial attorneys hit the panic button

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It’s a well-known fact that getting through law school is a tough thing indeed. Many do not pass the bar on the first try. There are essays and papers, and many law students talk about the lack of downtime. It’s a long process, and for those who make it through, many go on to be successful.

But there is one aspect of the law I wonder whether these lawyers are prepared for. This aspect has nothing to do with actually practicing law. It has to do with the clients one may have. After all, lawyers do not always represent the creme de la creme. So, what do you do when a demanding client comes along?

For the Trump legal team, the answer is — cringe. It’s being reported that the Trump lawyers are “mortified” by their client’s farting, sleeping, yelling, perspiring idiot of a client.

They’re also reportedly horrified that Trump won’t stop making faces at the Jury and Judge. The court artist has sketched Trump perfectly, capturing his scowl, his slouching, and even his daytime nap. As you know, it’s not the best look for a defendant.

But there is not much the attorneys can do. Trump is a runaway train. He’s never going to listen to the pleas of lawyers. He does what he wants, when he wants,even if it results in his own misery.

Former US Attorney for the Southern District of New York, Preet Bharara, said this is all very damaging to Trump. On CNN, he said he knows Todd Blanche and that Vance is likely “mortified.”

So why isn’t Trump on his best behavior? Why isn’t he trying to impress the Jury? I’ve seen this question asked many times. My own feeling is that Trump’s past the point of no return. He is angry and fed-up, and his dwindling mind capacity certainly can’t be helping.

As you’ve undoubtedly seen in recent months, Trump’s done a hard pivot on even trying to keep his most damning statements and behavior to himself. It may have to do with his mental woes. Perhaps he doesn’t care. Possibly, the senility is affecting all of this. All of these factors come into the equation.

Were this many years ago, Trump likely would put on an act, pretending to be Mr. Charming (even though he’s Mr. Traitor.) But he’s like a has-been singer who doesn’t have the voice to reach those high notes anymore.

Trump’s days of pretend seem to be firmly behind him, and in court this week, virtually EVERYONE got a look at the real Donald Trump in all of his crabby, foul-smelling, sullen glory.

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