Donald Trump’s “tremendous” meltdown

When you lie, it can be hard to keep all your lies straight. When you are a serial liar like “president” Donald Trump, you make up new lies and hope no one notices. Confusing, isn’t it? It is so much easier to be truthful. Then, you will not be sputtering and making up things when people ask questions. Several undecided voters got the unique opportunity of asking the sitting president questions during an ABC News town hall in Philadelphia. He did not help himself.

Trump’s first mistake was treating these undecided voters like he treats his ignorant base. Trump found out the hard way that his schtick does not work on voters who are trying to decide whom to support. Speaking to these undecided voters, Trump decided to use his favorite word to describe the job he has done with coronavirus: “Tremendous.” Worse, he continued to insist that coronavirus is “going to disappear” and doubled down on his bullshit by saying, “a lot of people think masks are not good.” When asked “who,” Trump responded “waiters.” Wait, what? He also borrowed a page from his latest medical hack by sharing that “herd mentality” would stop the virus. Dr. Fauci shot that notion down a long time ago.

When nothing worked, he turned to blaming Biden, claiming that Biden had not followed through with a national mask mandate. Who is mentally incapable of running the office of president again? Joe Biden has no authority to mandate anything unless and until he becomes president. That is your job, dimwit. Trump also went back to blaming China, and when one voter pointedly asked Trump what he had learned from all the death and destruction, he responded as you might guess: He made it about him. Since he was doing such a poor job of addressing coronavirus, the voters turned to two other subjects: the allegation that Trump called war dead “losers” and “suckers” and the racial climate in the U.S. When asked whether America needs to reexamine its history on race, Trump said that there are “a few bad apples” among police officers who “choked” when presented with situations involving Black citizens. When none of that worked, he did what he does best: lie.

CNN found through fact checking that Trump made at least 20 false statements during the hour and a half long town hall. He claimed that Democrats want to remove pre-existing conditions, which makes no sense whatsoever. A Democratic president introduced the ACA, which specifically outlawed the exclusion of pre-existing conditions. When the conversation turned back to the pandemic, Trump blatantly tried to change his own words from Bob Woodward’s tapes. Tapes don’t lie; Donald Trump does.

The lies from “president” Trump are well documented. His ludicrous claims about Joe Biden and a mask mandate reveal just how unstable this man really is. Do we really want him running our country for another four years? The response to that question is yours to make by exercising your right to vote.

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