Donald Trump’s Scotland trip is already a failure

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What is it with Republicans who want to be president launching international trips and failing at them miserably? That happened to Ron DeSantis in his failed attempts to get folks in places like England and Japan to love him. That didn’t go over very well, as you know.

And it appears dear Donald is doing the same thing. Trump embarked on a trip to Scotland, hoping to create a loving environment and be warmly welcomed by the Scottish folk. This did not happen.

Trump is also there to open a new golf course. Trump posted on truth social that he was excited about “meeting with many wonderful friends.”

“It’s great to be home!” Trump exclaimed after the plane touched down at Aberdeen Airport. Scotland had been the home of his mother. It is not the home of Donald Trump.

And this remark was about as artificial as it gets. And the First Minister Humza Yousaf appeared to know it. “I would find it difficult, I have to say, to meet with him without raising the significance of concerns I have of the remarks he’s made in the past.”

The newspaper “The Scotsman” had something to say about it all and they summed the Traitor up quite nicely:

“Clearly, in normal circumstances, the arrival of a former American leader would have been cause for much celebration. However, given Trump’s attempts to overturn the presidential election result and his supporters storming of the US Capitol in a shocking attack on democracy, one wonders just who did arrange for the red carpet and two pipers that greeted him on arrival. Of course, it would be completely ridiculous to imagine that Trump would set up such a welcome for himself, but then again, he is more than a little ridiculous.”

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