Donald Trump’s retribution

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Throughout history, in stories of the world’s biggest and most sinister tyrants, there is always a word that shapes their narratives. Retribution. Indeed, retribution. No sociopath would be a true sociopath without a bit of retribution on their evil minds.

Sociopaths LOVE getting revenge. They are not normal. They expect their commands to be obeyed without question. The sociopath also referred to as the antisocial personality, is defined in the DSM (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders) as a person who “consistently shows no regard for right and wrong and ignores the rights and feelings of others.”

As you know, I believe (and this is just my opinion) that Donald trump is an antisocial personality. He fits all the criteria. And if he is, there is no cure. One cannot grow a conscience.

But the other night, Trump finally broke. I use the word “broke” very deliberately because Trump, up until now, had not quite gone down the antisocial rabbit hole that one could tell was there and lurking. Only the other night — he did.

The target of Trump’s ire was the Club for Growth. They appear to be backing Ron DeSantis. And Trump does not like that. But he may have gone too far in his little rant. First, he attacked the leader of this organization. But then Trump got a bit carried away. And posted this: “No Growth Members know there will be be RETRIBUTION!!!”

I’ve copied it exactly as it was written. I think this statement is very important. Why? Because it shows his true colors. RETRIBUTION. That is the glue that holds the splintered man together. Always, always it is retribution.

But he hasn’t ever threatened someone in this way before. This, friends and readers is new. What Trump means by RETRIBUTION, I do not know (though I can guess.) That is not so important. The point is it’s getting more and more difficult for the man to hold it together.

See, we all know that Trump would have loved bloodlust on January 6. We know he would likely not give a damn if blood was spilled in the streets if it were the blood of his enemies.

But Trump has walked a fine line. He’s not threatened in this manner before. This shows he is having a more challenging time keeping his anger at bay. The antisocial collapse has begun. RETRIBUTION is his bread and butter. It’s the only way he can relate to the world. And he’s just revealed that fact to everyone.

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