Donald Trump’s reckoning is growing closer by the hour

Donald Trump’s lawyers have filed a supplemental brief that asks the Supreme Court to block the January 6th committee from receiving Trump White House records because, and we quote, the panel is “inappropriately” considering criminal referrals.

Of course, Bannon and Meadows are snowflaking out and the f*ck-your-feelings crowd is crying for a “wambulance” when they receive their Jan. 6th subpoenas. The panic is getting palpable. Trump has almost zero wiggle room on this filing given the fact that anyone who is aware of a crime has a duty to report it to the DOJ and they don’t care if the report comes from the guy standing on the corner or the US Congress. We see very little merit here; nothing more but the grasping of straws and it’s a beautiful thing.

Meadows is surely bowing and scraping for Trump to save him, not to mention Bannon, Stone and the rest of the treasonous insurrectionist who’ve plotted to overthrow democracy.
In other legal news, Trump’s attempt to block his bank records from being turned over to the January 6th Committee was denied as moot as his bank records have already been turned over by the bank.


Now that Ghislaine Maxwell is convicted of child sex abuse, she’s got at best a couple of years of attempting an appeal which won’t work, or she can sing like a canary now in the hopes she won’t spend the rest of her life behind bars. Thing’s are looking up. Trump’s legal reckoning get closer by the hour. Happy New Year!

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