Donald Trump’s psychotic list revealed

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“Mr. Sunshine woke up in a good mood.” That’s from Ron Filipkowski on Twitter. The reason for this delightfully sarcastic remark is that SOMEONE appeared to wake up on the wrong side of the bed.

“DERANGED JACK SMITH.” Hmmm. Now whom do you suppose it could be? This one’s not exactly an Agatha Christie novel. We know who. The culprit is a cranky critter, orange in texture, has dozens of criminal charges against him, and his best friend is well- nobody, because really, who would WANT that role?.

Donald Trump, sounding as unhinged as ever, decided on Saturday to make a list. It does not appear he checked it twice. This gift of bad eggs, appearing on Truth Social, lists the people Trump describes as “bad.” Bad people — very, very bad people.

This thing was once a President, readers! Yes, the truth can sometimes be much stranger than fiction. So, whose name is on it? Could Palmer Report be among the chosen few? Well, no. But Jack Smith’s is, as are others such as:

Letitia James.

Alvin Bragg.

the J6 committee.

“Bad people who hate our country.”

“All the rest of Joe Biden’s prosecutors.”

Trump ended his list with the following: “make America great again.”

Bad people who hate our country? I did not happen to see the names of Ron DeSantis, Ted Cruz, Greg Abbott, Matt Gaetz and Marjorie Taylor Greene on there.

So yes, on this particular Saturday, while normal folks were reading and writing and painting and watching TV and listening to music and going to picnics and to concerts and seeing plays and walking through galleries, and enjoying food and wine, one lone critter was choosing to spend HIS weekend creating an extensive list of all the people he hates (and rest assured, the feeling, I am sure is mutual.)

That’s what happens when one has nothing to enrich one’s life. I would like to add to Trump’s insane hate-list: ARRESTING OFFICERS. ALL PEOPLE WHO WOULD NEVER VOTE FOR HIM AGAIN. FUTURE PRISON WARDENS. Future prison roommates unless that is, he is held away from Gen-Pop.

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