Donald Trump’s new Russia idiocy

By now it’s so painfully obvious that the Russian government manipulated the 2016 presidential election on Donald Trump’s behalf, nearly the entire government has acknowledged it. Both parties of Congress voted for tougher sanctions against Russia as punishment. The heads of most of Trump’s own intel agencies testified publicly today that, yes, Russia did indeed screw with the election. Trump himself is another story.

Everyone from Trump’s handpicked FBI Director Christopher Wray to Trump’s handpicked Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats told the Senate today, while the cameras were rolling, that Russia interfered with the election. But none of that matters to Trump, who according to CNN is still “unconvinced” that Russia was involved with election hacking in any way (link). Of course this is the guy who’s also “unconvinced” about global warming, and he’s probably not ready to admit that gravity is real, or what two plus two equals.

Trump could have gotten out ahead of this a long time ago by acknowledging the evidence of Russia’s inference, insisting that he didn’t know anything about it at the time, and vowing to help get to the bottom of it. That would have given him a bit of credibility on the issue. Instead, by throwing up roadblocks and insisting that the Russian election plot didn’t exist, Trump has only invited further scrutiny.

It’s part of what led to the massive Trump-Russia conspiracy being exposed, which has led to four of Donald Trump’s advisers having been arrested already, with numerous more indictments on the way. The ugliest and darkest of truths about Trump and Russia will end up coming out, partly because Trump tried so hard to prevent even the obvious stuff from coming out.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report