Donald Trump’s new defense attorney may have just made things even worse for him

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I’ve heard of overzealous attorneys before, but I think Trump’s lawyer really overdid it. The setting was Ari Melber’s show on MSNBC. Melber was conducting an interview with Joe Tacopina, who has the unfortunate responsibility of representing one Donald John Trump.

At first, it was your standard interview, with Tacopina vehemently defending his wayward client. But then things got interesting. Melber brought up the infamous clip of Trump on a plane saying he didn’t know about the Stormy Daniels payments. Tacopina claimed Trump was telling the truth about that.

Now as you are aware, Trump and the truth have never met. But that did not stop Tacopina from insisting he has an honest client on his hands. So Melber began reading from the transcript of that particular clip. As if in slow motion, Tacopina then — on camera moved to grab the transcript from the host’s hand.

“Give me that,” the wayward attorney growled. It was a surreal moment, if ever there was one. After all, it isn’t every day an attorney goes bonkers live on air and tries to manhandle evidence.

On Twitter, the mood was joyous. This is because Twitter adores commenting on people who make fools of themselves on camera. And faster than one could say, “calm down Joey,” Twitter was on the case:

“That’s Dewey, Cheatham, and Howe.”

“I smell fear.”

“panic mode has commenced.”

‘Instant meme.”

“Impulse control issues?”

“Tony Soprano vibes.”

“Grab ’em by the paper.”

“I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.”

“Maybe he thought Melber was holding the kraken.”

“cornered, angry bear.”

“You deserve a nice nap after that one.”

“That guy acted like he’d been dipping into Junior’s stash.”

“My cousin Vinny?”


So yes, this was definitely a historic moment where Trump’s attorney showed how calm and prepared he is. My question is: what will he do AFTER the indictment drops? I have a feeling we ain’t seen nothing yet.

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