Donald Trump’s MAGA loons seek revenge

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“DeSantis won’t win.” “People like myself will organize a door-to-door write-in campaign for Donald Trump.” “We’ll make sure nobody else has the votes to win.” There is a small but furious group on Twitter who might be called Maga on steroids.

And this group does not like the fact that other Republicans are running for president. They do not like it one little bit. And this same group is planning to have the final say. They plan to organize a mail-in campaign for Trump should he not be the Republican nominee.

And I think this is great. Allow me to explain why. Yes, Trump will shortly be indicted. And no, he will likely not be the nominee. But SOMEBODY will be. And that person will be as bad or worse than Trump.

And if Maga DOES organize a write-in campaign, it will split the GOP vote. Because yes, some people will vote for Trump. These are the Magas on steroids. These are the ones who will vote for Trump if he spits at them, if he robs banks and plunders the high seas. They’ll vote for him if he lies and cheats and steals and insults them and laughs at them. These are the Trump super-fans.

And you KNOW what they say about super-fans. There’s no fan like a super-fan. And Trump won’t withdraw his name even if he were sitting in jail. So yes, I expect a write-in campaign. And it will eat into the lead of the other republican who eventually becomes the nominee.

This is how I think it will play out, and judging by the murmurings of the trump super-fans, this is what they want to do. A write-in campaign for their master. A write-in campaign that will do nothing except hand the presidency to us.

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