Donald Trump’s little friend

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This was quite a hearing. We learned so much. A few examples. We said hello to Trump’s little friend — ketchup. Thick and red in color as Donald Trump set out to paint the White House red.

We learned Trump wanted to play rough — he wanted to head on over to the Capitol to be with his partners in insurrection — and perhaps chant with them. Who knows what he would have done once he was there?

Trump made the Secret Service an offer they evidently could refuse because they did — by refusing to take him to the Capitol. So reportedly, Trump responded by trying to grab the wheel and lunging at one of his Secret Service agents.

Trump wanted mayhem that day. So he made sure to make the environment a product of himself. And in addition to so much that we found out, it appears a bit of witness tampering might be going on, yes? These witnesses — just when they thought they were out, Trump pulled them back in.

Trump evidently wants to keep his friends close but his enemies closer. We found out Mark Meadows is knee-deep in shit — thick, rising shit. Bad shit. Meadows is screwed. At one time, he could have been a contender. But now he’s just a bum — Trump’s bum.

Trump definitely did not make it to the top of the world. He went spiraling towards the bottom and hit it with a sleazy thud. Donald Trump is way behind. He’s behind in a race he thinks he’s winning (Thank you, Sopranos). But as always, he is lost.

It was a devastating day for Donald Trump. He’s a made man — everybody who has testified has shown the world the real Trump. And he’s broken so many laws; I’d need an encyclopedia to list them all.

I’d say after today, the chants of “lock him up” will be getting louder. And there is a good chance he will be locked up. Today changes everything.

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