Donald Trump’s latest interviews are finally putting the focus on his worsening senility

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Earlier this week I wrote about how the most under-covered story of the past two and a half years is the fact that Donald Trump comes off as more senile each time he appears in public. It’s why his babysitters have spent the past two and a half years trying to keep him out of the public eye as much as possible. But now that he’s increasingly seen as a defendant instead of a candidate, he has no choice but to put himself out there.

Given his status as a constant liar and a domestic terrorist, news outlets have no business booking Donald Trump for interviews unless 1) every one of his lies is pushed back against, and 2) the interview is pre-recorded so that any unchallenged lies can be deleted. Anything short of this is simply free PR for a terrorist. But while the media is instead largely coddling Trump like a child during the interviews he’s doing, he’s still falling flat on his face. It’s getting ugly enough that if Trump weren’t such a sick bastard, you’d feel sorry for how badly he’s humiliating himself in one senile performance after another.

Trump did an interview this week with former Fox News host and current wandering nomad Megyn Kelly, who’s so desperate to regain her lost relevance that she was willing to treat Trump like a seven year old. Even when she pushed back, it was in the way you might push back against a child who’s telling tall tales about where his lunch money went.

But even under these circumstances, Trump collapsed. He claimed he had the right to keep the classified documents he stole. Kelly pointed out that once he received a grand jury subpoena for their return, he was required to comply even if he disagreed with the subpoena. Trump’s mentally incompetent response: “I know this!” That’s the kind of confession that puts you in prison. Then Trump realized he’d just confessed and changed his answer to “I don’t even know that!” It was like listening to a dementia patient arguing with himself.

In that same interview Trump also didn’t appear to recall that he once gave a medal to Dr. Fauci. At another point Kelly brought up the fact that Trump could go to prison, and Trump responded by bragging about his poll numbers. This is completely senile behavior. It just is.

I get that some of you find it weird that I keep talking about Trump’s worsening senility when everyone in the media is acting like it’s not a thing. But it reminds me of when I kept talking awhile back about how Trump would end up indicted, while the media acted like it wasn’t a thing.

Even though it was clear a year ago that Trump had a nearly 100% chance of ending up indicted in multiple jurisdictions, those facts didn’t fit with the media’s ratings-friendly narrative at the time, which was that he was going to get away with it all. So the facts were ignored.

It’s the same now. Trump comes off as more senile in every public appearance. And that’s not just my take. His own handlers are doing everything they can to minimize his public exposure – few rallies and no Twitter – because they consider him senile too.

But Trump’s senility is not compatible with the media’s current ratings-friendly narrative, which is that he’s going to remain politically viable no matter how ugly his problems get in the criminal justice system. So Trump’s senility is simply ignored.

Trump’s worsening senility is so plainly obvious. And yet because the media pretends it’s not there, many of you are unable to accept that it’s there. You even reply and insist he’s faking it, to try to get off the legal hook – even though that doesn’t fit the circumstances. Faking such behavior now wouldn’t get him off the hook for past crimes. He’s not faking it. He’s just senile. It’s painfully, painfully, painfully obvious.

But hey, it was painfully obvious throughout 2022 that Donald Trump was on track to get criminally indicted in multiple jurisdictions, and yet the entire media spent that entire year acting like he was off the legal hook instead. So it’s really not surprising that the media is simply ignoring the fact that this obviously senile man is obviously senile.

Maybe the media will admit it later on, after Trump’s public appearances become so jarringly vacant that even they can’t figure out how to keep pitching Trump as an actual candidate. The media kept pretending Trump was never going to be indicted no matter what, right up until it became so obvious he was going to be indicted that they couldn’t figure out how to mislead audiences anymore.

The key is that after two and a half years spent mostly in hiding, Donald Trump is now putting himself out there almost daily in a belated attempt at proving to everyone that his indictments haven’t ended his political dreams. Instead he’s proving to everyone that he’s senile. The entire media is trying to coddle this guy and prop him up so it can keep milking “Trump 2024” for ratings for a little while longer, and yet even that hand holding isn’t enough to keep him from full scale collapse.

Remember, it’s not about what Trumps base thinks. It’s never been about his base. It’s about what the general public thinks. If and when the general public figures out that Trump’s criminal charges and senility mean he’s obviously not going to be a viable candidate for anything, then the media will have to stop pretending he’s going to be a viable candidate. In that sense, every time Trump opens his senile mouth, he comes closer to finishing himself off.

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