There’s something wrong with Donald Trump

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Alcohol can sometimes be one’s biggest enemy. It is often said that when someone has a few too many, their personality may change a bit (for some people, more than a bit.) What I mean by that is that inhibitions loosen, personality quirks come out, and often, the one who has had a few too many may engage in behavior they would never do when sober.

The same, of course, can be said for mentally ill traitors. Mentally ill traitors — especially, my friends, especially ORANGE mentally ill traitors, may experience a similar problem. For THESE traitors, it’s not the alcohol that causes their behavioral lapses. It’s their rapidly shrinking brain stems.

And this is the story of the incredible shrinking brain — Donald Trump’s brain, which is experiencing concerning shrinkage as we speak. Now –here is another fact. Sometimes- only sometimes- when one is undergoing brain shrinkage, they may find themselves saying things to audience members they’ve always wanted to say out loud.

These things may be taboo in nature, but that doesn’t matter to the owner of the incredible brain shrinkage. What matters is that words — evil words – that perhaps they genuinely believe but are MUCH too taboo in nature to say aloud — rise to the forefront of the brainless one’s tongue.

And that is sort of what happened to Donald John Trump during a “rally” in Michigan: “My whole life, I didn’t know what the N-Word — I didn’t know what indictment meant.”

Oops! Someone came VERY close to being a bad boy. Now — what can we glean from these words?

Trump WANTED so very BADLY to say it. You KNOW he did. And, of course, being that Trump’s brain is now a massive piece of Swiss cheese with a million and one tiny little hole in it; he ALMOST — almost said it.

As Bill Palmer has said, this will not be the last time. That’s the thing about these pesky little brain drains. Trump’s shrinking brain isn’t going anywhere and will continue to get him into trouble.

At this point in time, it’s not a question of IF; it’s a question of WHEN. Trump will screw up and say something outrageous again. But you see, Trump is now behaving a lot like someone perpetually under the influence.

Because he has no control over his brain and never knows what words will fly out of his orange mouth, it will get harder and harder for him to say ANYTHING at all. But he will. And each month — or week — or day — his behavior will be more and more bizarre,

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