Donald Trump’s entire life in unspooling

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Imagine a single spool of thread. The spool looks innocuous enough. It’s a blank slate, an innate object. And then it begins to unwind. But it takes time! It has, after all, one million threads. So the unraveling of the spool doesn’t happen overnight.

It’s a process. Slowly, ever so gently, the spool begins to loosen. The threads start to unfurl. As time ticks by, what was once a solid spool becomes more and more unfurled, leaving in its wake an almost unrecognizable change.

What was one solid has now become a disentangled mess. The single spool of thread is no more. It’s a lot like Donald Trump’s freedom. It takes time to jail a traitor. But make no mistake, the results are the same.

Each day that passes brings us closer to Trump’s indictment. And as justice creeps ever closer, the days of Donald trump as a free man – doing whatever the hell he likes are starting to unravel.

And do not think he doesn’t know it. It should be no surprise that his behavior is deteriorating by the day — even by the second. In his latest example of idiocy, Trump hosted an interesting person at his home. That person is Liz Crokin. Who is she? She is a prominent QAnon influencer and conspiracy theorist.

The two even posed for pictures together. How sweet! He really has given up even the slightest pretense of sanity. I think this week AND last week have been two of the worst weeks of Trump’s life. And now, as we creep ever closer to the witching hour (Trump’s indictment), does it feel to you like something in the air has changed?

It does to me. There is an expectant feeling, and I don’t think I’m the only one who noticed it. But it isn’t only that. There is a feeling in the air that Trump is done.

Few care anymore. His “presidential announcement” isn’t even being spoken about much anymore. It’s like finally, there is an acknowledgment that Trump is a has-been – not that he ever was much, to begin with. I think he knows his freedom is on borrowed time. Because once the spool unravels, it can’t be put back together again.

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