Donald Trump’s day from hell

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There are, for many a person, some days that just don’t go so well. These days are usually known as “the day from hell.” Donald Trump did have such a day on Tuesday. Trump has been found to have committed fraud. Way to go, and congratulations, Donnie. You were already known as a sexual assaulter and rapist, a traitor, and an insurrectionist. Now, you are also known as a fraudster. What a great time to be alive!

“The documents here clearly contain fraudulent valuations that defendants used in business.” That is from the Judge. Trump has been found to have overvalued his holdings. And now Trump, already indicted four times, is sentenced to — his businesses certificates to go up in smoke.

Gone just like that in a poof of insurrectionist smoke. It is a fitting sentence for the traitor who will ALSO be on the hook for money — lots and lots of money. Money is Trump’s truest love underneath insurrection. So somehow, I doubt the orange one will take this news well.

The empire has come crashing down. Trump’s business is no longer a thing. Like Trump’s mind, it has gone to the birds. I wonder (don’t you) how long it will take for the Truth Social earthquake to come.

When it DOES come, it will shake. It will quiver with rage, this rage, of course, having nowhere to go. Wretched words will spill from the traitor’s mouth as he demands Republican lap-puppies run in and save the day! DO SOMETHING!

Every day, the rotten stench of the Trump footprint gets aired out a little bit more. It really is delicious seeing how 2023 is going for Individual one. These days, hell will come more and more often for him. That’s because Karma has risen up and decided it is time for Trump to pay the piper, time for him to begin answering for all his sins.

And Karma, being a force that most definitely does NOT suffer fools, is now giving to the world’s BIGGEST fool, humiliation after humiliation after humiliation.

When Karma springs forth, she doesn’t stop until her FULL might has been felt, and though this day was a big chunk of that might, something tells me we still have many more delicious days of Karma ahead for Donald Trump.

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