Donald Trump’s dark and stormy night

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It was a dark, stormy night. At least it was so in Buffalo, New York, where a historic snowstorm landed, dropping over six feet of snow on western New York and triggering closed roads, severe travel bans, and many a cancelled flight.

It wasn’t storming in Florida, though. In fact, at a certain resort in the sunshine state, the mood was good -until the Mara-a-logo monster entered the room. Furious and sputtering, Donald Trump was almost delirious with rage. That’s because he’d heard there was a new special counsel appointed to look into his — sins.

And as the snow fell not-so-gently in western New York, a storm of its own was brewing in Florida. On this dark and very stormy evening, Trump commanded his minions to defend him. “They want to do bad things to the greatest movement in the history of our country,” he exclaimed.

As the flakes gathered in ferocity in western New York, the Trump storm gathered in increasing madness, filled with desperation and futility.

“You have to fight,” he yelled to his political sycophants.

“You have to be strong.”

“Lane closures.” The people of western New York — some of them were genuinely snowed in.

In Florida, the tropical storm known as Trump continued.

“This is a rigged deal” he screamed.

The storm in western New York was called “historical” as many had never seen anything like it. Undoubtedly in New York the weekend before Thanksgiving was white- at least for the people who lived there.

But the storm in Florida was black as night. Not a ray of sunshine — of starlight — could be seen as the Trump super-storm continued with nary a pause. “Super radical left special counsel.”

Whispers were that Trump’s legal team had been dreading this — the appointment of a special counsel. They knew what it meant. And they knew it was not good news for their client.

Some – a few of Trump’s servants did defend him. — in the form of nasty twitter tweets. Such resistance! “Impeach Merrick Garland,” Marjorie Taylor Greene tweeted. Orchard Park, New York, received 77 inches of snow as of 7:00 AM.

West Seneca got at least 49 inches, likely more. But this storm had nothing on the Florida force of nature that was Donald trump. But the New York storm moved on as storms are known to do. The Trump storm will linger on for – eternity?

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