Donald Trump’s breakup

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Super couples always have nicknames. “Bennifer” is one, combining the names of Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck. So in the spirit of super couples, I’ve decided to combine the names of the hottest super couple in politics. Ronald Rump. It’s the Trump/DeSantis coupling, of course. Who else?

The two biggest and most pathologically creepy political candidates are set on destroying each other. The love of Ronald Rump has dissolved, and the breakup is underway. “Ron DeSanctus can’t want the general election!!!!”

That’s just one part of the lovely couple, spitting his rage into Truth Social. You know how breakups go. When the love dies, it is indeed gone forever. “He was, and is, a disciple of horrible RINO Paul Ryan!” Oh dear, this is going to be a breakup for the ages. “I Built the greatest economy in the history of the world!” He just can’t stop telling lies, can he? “Election interference.”

In the meantime, the second half of this wretched coupling is announcing his campaign on Elon Musk’s Twitter. That’s because he’s a miserable bastard who can’t interact with people, doesn’t know what to say to people, and can barely string a sentence together without using the word “woke.”

In his mind, this is a way to avoid having to deal with his biggest enemy next to Mickey — people.

Only when it’s debate time will he have no choice, that is, unless he sends Casey DeSantis to debate in his place, which actually could happen. Never underestimate Ron’s ability to go out of the way to avoid speaking to anyone.

In the meantime, these two continue to pretend they are charismatic stars that the world can’t live without. And we continue to laugh at Ronald Rump.

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