Donald Trump’s brand is falling to pieces

Donald Trump has always been more of a brand name than a politician. That’s why for decades of his life he was able to associate his name with money and wealth, even if his actual wealth was inherited and the fact that he’s had a lot more losses than success when it comes to business. It’s this particular brand association that explains why so many Republican politicians refuse to turn on him – because he can keep their coffers filled.

The problem is – in usual Trump fashion – he hasn’t really been delivering when it comes to money. It made headlines last month when he was outraised by Joe Biden in May. Now he’s been outraised by Joe Biden again in June. Considering that talking about Trump’s money was always off limits even in lighthearted comedy roasts, this is news that Donald Trump will probably not be happy about. In fact, you can expect him to pay much more attention to it on social media than he will to the latest Russia scandal.

He might blame Soros or super PACs or something, but the numbers are even worse for Donald Trump the closer you look. 68% of donors who gave to Biden’s campaign in the month of June were new, and 2.6 million new people added to the campaign’s email list. The average online donation was $34 – and it’s clear the campaign has growing grassroots support that’s already beating out fundraising numbers from 2016.

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