Donald Trump’s apologists get what they deserve

From the beginning of Donald Trump’s illegitimate administration it was clear that most Republicans would sell their souls in order to back up his insane statements and policies. As the past years went by, very few GOP members actually took a stance calling out Trump for his disastrous policies, Executive Orders, and statements. Most Republicans felt that the key to their reelection went through the approval of Trump and his cult-like following.

Fast forward a few years and here we are. Trump is flailing in his reelection campaign. Those who backed him, whether from the start or only later on, are being pulled down by his recent low approval rating. Senators such as Susan Collins of Maine, Cory Gardner of Colorado, and Joni Ernst of Iowa, are facing difficult reelection prospects. While they could have attempted to distance themselves from Trump long ago, these desperate incumbents decided to go all in on Trump. The result of such capitulation? Falling far behind in the polls to Democratic challengers.

And it’s not just these vulnerable Senators that are scared. The fact that John Cornyn from Texas and Lindsey Graham of South Carolina are having to spend more money on advertising than they planned speaks volumes. A year ago, nobody expected Texas and South Carolina to be considered “swing states” but the actions and inactions of Trump, during the worst pandemic in generations, has resulted in people second guessing what they actually stand for.


As we progress through these next few months, on the way towards a national election, it will be important to watch how these Trump sycophants adapt. As Trump’s approval ratings plummet, and Joe Biden’s approval skyrockets, we must be level headed to ensure we can be aware of the facts. But if something drastic does not occur, and Trump’s approval ratings remain the same, we are in line for a devastating blue tsunami.

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