Donald Trump’s accountant testifies against him to New York grand jury

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Donald Trump is under confirmed criminal investigation in three different jurisdictions, two of which have reached the grand jury stage. But because the media mostly ignores these criminal probes on any given day, most of the public seems unaware that Trump is on a path to criminal indictment.

Now there’s major news out of the Manhattan District Attorney’s criminal probe into Donald Trump, which is in partnership with New York Attorney General Letitia James. Trump’s longtime accountant from the firm Mazars, Donald Bender, has testified to the grand jury, according to the Washington Post.

This is a big deal because while those inside the Trump Organization such as Allen Weisselberg have refused to testify about Donald Trump’s financial corruption, Trump’s longtime accountant outside the Trump Organization is cooperating instead. This allows prosecutors to connect the dots of how the financial fraud decision-making process flowed through the Trump Organization.

So even as the media continues to largely focus on just the open question of whether the DOJ will bring federal criminal charges against Donald Trump, the confirmed state-level criminal cases against Donald Trump are continuing to move forward. Trump is on a path to prison whether the DOJ gets involved or not.

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