Donald Trump’s 2024 “campaign” is falling apart already

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It appears that Donald Trump’s fake declaration of running in the 2024 presidential election is becoming a headache. This is because Trump can’t find enough people to support his fake candidacy. Over and over, he tries. Over and over, he fails. It’s one nightmare after another.

The latest crisis to hit the Trump “campaign” is South Carolina. Trump is planning a little party there. How sweet. Unfortunately most of the people around him are being party poopers. This is because they do not want to attend this “party,” which promises to be yet another trump shitshow.

It is being reported that only two Republicans have signed on so far. One of them is Henry Mc.Master governor of the state. The other is Lindsey Graham. Sigh. That’s not a surprise. Where the traitor roams, his faithful puppy follows, the good dog that he is.

But what of everybody else? Well — the Washington Post says that the Trump team is “pleading” and begging for republicans to show up. But so far no go. That is likely because they understand that the person they’d be showing up for is an idiot.

So the Trump campaign is coming up empty so far. Many want to wait and see who else in the Republican Party declares before deciding whom to throw their support to. And reportedly, many evangelicals are tired of Trump and want to look elsewhere for their candidate of 2024.

I wonder how long it will be until a rant about the South Carolina evangelicals makes its way to truth social. The truth isn’t pretty, but the Trump team must see it. Nobody wants him. Not democrats or republicans. He has finally begun bleeding support, and it ain’t a pretty picture.

So what will Trump do? I don’t think he will cancel this little party. Perhaps the team will round up a few more people, but right now, it seems all the begging and pleading in the world is not moving anyone.

Dear Palmer Report readers: contribute $25 and we can win it all: Donate now!