Donald Trump throws a tantrum as it all closes in on him

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The day is almost here now. It’s been a long time coming. But never have I been so sure Donald J. Trump — enemy of the people — will be indicted. All it is right now is a waiting game.

And believe me, the traitor knows it. That might be why his wailing has become even more insane sounding than ever before. The latest explosion from the monster in orange was on Truth Social, Trump’s one place of a bit of relevance.

Attacking the FBI for the (100th?) time, Trump exclaimed that some of his medical records had been swept up in the search. Trump also insisted that his medical records contain nothing of importance because he’s “an absolute perfect physical specimen.”

Have you, friends and readers, ever heard of any human being referring to themselves like that? Ever? I wonder. I wonder if Trump has a picture of himself under his pillow. Perhaps it’s hidden in his gold bag. Nobody in this world loves Trump more than Trump, as evidenced by the man’s inability to stop talking about how great he is.

In reality, as with all malignant narcissists, Trump’s word salads mask the very real fear and horror that he is nobody special.

The confidence of narcissists is usually at zero. They, in fact, loathe themselves though they may lack the awareness to know that consciously. But all of Trump’s lonely chatter is masking his disease — the disease of self-hate.

Trump also insisted that the search of Mar-A-Lago was akin to “the days of the Soviet Union.” It doesn’t matter. Nothing Trump says can take away the fact that he is knee-deep in bullshit, and the crap levels are starting to rise. This is one situation he cannot get out of – not now and not in the future, no matter how much Judge shopping he does.

So just sit tight as we all wait together. And won’t it be utterly delightful? It WILL be delightful when the doorbell rings and the words we’ve ACHED for are spoken: “You have the right to remain silent.”

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