Donald Trump throws a complete tantrum after realizing the January 6th Committee has him nailed

While many Americans spent the Fourth of July pondering what freedom and liberty mean to them during this difficult time for the nation, Donald Trump apparently spent the Fourth of July pondering his worsening legal situation and panicking accordingly.

We don’t usually pass along the statements that Trump issues these days, because they’re too lie-filled, too incoherent, and too devoid of anything worth even reading. But the statement that Trump released on the Fourth of July does serve to give away Trump’s current state of mind, and let’s just say that it’s not a positive one.

Trump clearly understands that the January 6th Committee public hearings are serving to finish him off, and he’s focusing his rage at the committee accordingly. Trump is calling the committee members “thugs” and “highly partisan” (funny, we thought Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger were Republicans). Trump is also demanding that the January 6th Committee go after “human traffickers” instead of him. Why is he suddenly so focused on human trafficking? It makes you wonder.

In any case, Donald Trump wrapped up his incoherent statement by putting his own last name in quotation marks for no apparent reason. It’s as fittingly bizarre as anything else he’s had to say lately. Trump knows he’s drifting further away from any remaining hope of returning to political life, and moving closer to the prospect of criminal charges and prison. The increasingly frantic nature of his meltdowns gives it away.