Donald Trump threatens to pull the plug on the Republican Party

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Greedy, petty, vain Donald Trump is threatening his own Republican Party in a desperate cash grab. Ironically, Trump’s latest scheme hinges on the value of his name and the strength of his political presence, both of which haven’t been looking so good lately. It’s a reminder of how delusional Trump is and that he will fight until the end for every penny.

On Thursday afternoon, Trump’s top campaign officials sent a letter to the National Republican Campaign Committee and ten GOP consulting firms warning that Trump won’t endorse any candidate who employ firms that use Trump’s image or name to fundraise without his permission. The letter schooled the GOP that when they “deceive the President’s donors and usurp his brand for your own profit,” they “drain him” of the ability to “defeat Joe Biden and Make America Great Again.” (Cue the violins.)

Of course, Trump wants nothing more than adulation and support. However, Trump is worried that the many GOP e-mails soliciting donations that include his name or face may give a false impression that the money raised would directly help Trump rather than others in the GOP.

According to the letter, it is now “highly unlikely” that Trump will “endorse, sign letters for, appear at events with or post on social media about candidates” who try to fundraise “off of his name, image and likeness without his authorization.” Given the pathetic results of Trump’s 2022 midterm endorsements, the fact that he’s using his ability to endorse candidates as leverage is rich.

As indictments loom and Trump’s “good name” continues along its downward spiral, Trump’s chances for becoming the 2024 presidential nominee are looking increasingly weak. Nevertheless, he is trying to tie the GOP’s hands with fundraising constraints in a lame attempt to force them to prioritize his toxic candidacy. Trump’s desperation is on full display.

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