Donald Trump suggests that if he’s going down he’ll take the Republicans with him

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Third-party candidates can cause a heck of a mess in political elections. It’s always been this way. It is nearly impossible to win as a third-party candidate, however, said candidate CAN whittle away votes from one or from both main parties.

All we have to do is go back in time and remember Ross Perot. Seems like a lifetime ago, does it not? But he did take a lot of votes — mostly from republicans And in the 2024 presidential election, the question is: can there be a third-party candidate who may just take his revenge on the GOP for not being loyal enough?

The answer to that question is yes, there can. And that traitorous being is Donald John Trump. Trump spoke to radio host Hugh Hewitt. Hewitt asked him if he would back a Republican nominee who wasn’t himself. It would depend Trump said in his non-answer. It would depend on whom the nominee was. I call bullshit.

Trump will not support any nominee other than himself. And that opens up another discussion. Could Trump run as a third-party candidate? Let’s think about this. Trump will likely be indicted very shortly. He will be aloft in personal problems. So let’s say — he doesn’t get the nomination. Let’s say that goes to someone else — anybody else.

Trump would never be able to put his own ego aside to support that person. And there is no law that says a candidate cannot run even when indicted. Even from prison.

So yes. Folks, I think Trump running as a third-party candidate is not just possible; I think it’s likely. And that would be great news for us. Trump isn’t the only one, though. There is Liz Cheney. (More on that in another article.)

Third-party candidates have been the ruination of candidates before. Will Trump be the ruination of the GOP? Only time will tell on that one. But this is a man whose psyche brims with the need for revenge constantly.

And this is also a man who is consumed with envy and who cannot let the spotlight be taken from him no matter what. We will see what happens, but I do wonder if republicans have any idea of the mess that may await them.

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