Donald Trump sounds like a paranoid delusional mental patient in maniacal all night bender

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If you were wondering if Donald John Trump’s mental state could get any worse, rest assured—it can. Trump, it seems, was up all night ranting on Truth Social. When I say all night, I do mean ALL NIGHT.

This particular rant had to do with Trump’s paranoid delusions about this mixed-up, made-up fantasy that the FBI wanted to assassinate him. Only Trump, not content with just that one lie, as insane as it is, has added MORE lies to the story. He now claims there was an “FBI Secret service gun battle.”

The depraved insomniac posted and posted and posted — on his Truth Social platform, In these posts, Trump talked about how the Secret Service “thought they might be in the line of fire:” during the Mar-a-Lago raid.

“As I told crooked Joe’s DOJ, if they needed anything all they had to do was ask.” You know what, friends and readers? I am often snarky about Trump ——but how he’s been acting these last few weeks, is no joke.

It’s more than lying. Trump sounds like a paranoid mental patient. He does, and he’s getting worse, not better. Many on social media speculate that he is beginning to seem like he’s had a complete break from reality.

If Donald Trump does debate, which I don’t think he will, and comes out with these claims, I mean he is going to look like an absolute lunatic, which is fitting, I suppose, since that’s what he is.

Think about the mix here. We’ve seen Donald Trump’s mental state decline rapidly. Then we also have Trump’s propensity for psychosis, which has been there for a very long time, well before he started having problems cognitively.

Then you add in his impotent rage. I mean — Trump, at this point, is a powder keg waiting to explode. He’s a live-wire waiting to blow, an electron spinning wildly, charged with the electricity of the insane. Trump is showing the world his true colors, and the fact is he is becoming more — and more — and more unhinged every day.

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