Donald Trump should quit while he’s behind

After hearing the word “no” multiple times, most people take the hint. Of course, Donald Trump is not like most people. He lives in a narcissistic world all his own. Friday night, the Supreme Court declined to even hear the error-filled lawsuit filed by Texas attorney general Ken Paxton. By Sunday, Trump was still claiming that his attempts to overturn the 2020 election results are “not over.” What part of “no” does Trump not understand? If the Supreme Court has turned him down, who is left?

During his interview with Brian Kilmeade at the Army/Navy game, Trump continued his false narratives about the election, claiming that he “won Pennsylvania. We won Michigan. We won Georgia by a lot.” He only won those states in his mind. He called the election a “sham and a shame” and dismissed Kilmeade’s questions about whether his behavior is driving a deeper wedge between Americans. Instead, Trump said that he worries “about the country having an illegitimate president.” We had that already and thank God that nightmare is almost over — almost. Trump thinks he has one more trick up his sleeve.

Once the Electoral College votes in favor of President Elect Joe Biden, those votes go to Congress for confirmation on January 6. Trump and some of his allies seem to think that they can raise a ruckus in Congress and overturn the will of the people. Good luck with that. Trump’s chances of changing the outcome of the 2020 election at the Congressional level are literally zero. This effort is being led by Mo Brooks, R-AL. Besides planning what type of chaos he can create in the House, Brooks is looking to challenge the results in Arizona, Pennsylvania, Nevada, Georgia, and Wisconsin. Again, what part of “no” do these people not get?

Like Trump, Brooks is claiming that “fraud” or “illegal voting” occurred in these states with absolutely no evidence or basis in fact. This is nothing more than another desperate attempt to cripple President-elect Joe Biden and create chaos and division, which is a shame. This is not what we elect House members to do. We elect them to take care of the needs of our districts. If they cannot do that, they are useless. Democrats are not likely concerned about this attempted coup, as it would be impossible for Republicans to do this.

This is merely another attempt to dismantle our democracy. This behavior is unpatriotic, undemocratic, and designed to divide. Hopefully, voters will remember this and vote these people out of office. Republicans do not deserve to oversee the people’s government if they cannot accept and respect the will of the people.

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