Donald Trump, please proceed


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As I was proofing an article for Palmer Report, my phone started blowing up. It turns out Facebook (also known by its parent company name Meta) has decided to let Donald John Trump back onto the network. What great news! And it IS great news. I know some of you might not think so. I do. Let me explain why.

In recent weeks, Donald John Trump has been losing his mind. Now, most of his mind vanished LONG ago, but the teeny tiny part that’s still there seems to be melting as well and very quickly. You see, everything about Trump’s meltdowns has become MORE. They’re more ghastly, more insane, more creepy. Yes, that is what Donald Trump has become — a creeper.

And one KNOWS Trump will not be able to behave himself on Meta/Facebook. He can’t do it. It’s impossible for him. I mean — it’s not like Trump will return quietly, gently posting pictures of his many pets. And no I am not talking about Lindsey Graham.

I mean cats, dogs, and gerbils. He likely doesn’t have any of those, anyway. No, Trump’s return will be as ostentatious, as gaudy, as vulgar as the man himself. And the longer Trump is allowed to float around the meta space, the more likely he is to confess to something.

He will. He ALWAYS does. That’s his Modus operandi. Everyone has one. For example, Samuel Alito can’t seems to go too long without invoking witch judges. Ted Cruz can’t go for long without being laughed at. Everyone has their calling card.

Trump’s calling card is — chaos. Insanity. mayhem. Trump takes to these things like children to candy. He cannot help it. Madness and disarray are his best — and ONLY friends, and without them, he’d be lost.


So yes, I like this outcome very much. Trump will again be in the spotlight, confessing his sins, angering everyone, and in general, acting like the mad criminal he is. That’s his calling card, and now everybody will once again get to see it in action.


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