Donald Trump melts down as his numbers collapse

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Donald Trump is definitely not doing a happy dance right now since he heard about the recent poll showing Governor Ron DeSantis was beating him in a hypothetical matchup. This is the poll where DeSantis leads Trump 52% to 38%. For a narcissist like Trump, one can see where this news might really bother him. And judging by his Thursday rant on truth social, it did.

Trump trashed the Wall Street Journal and Fox news whining that the Wall Street Journal has lost a lot of influence and that Fox’s polls are usually wrong. This will not end well. Trump doesn’t understand and will never grasp that this is only the beginning.

It’s an ominous beginning, but we are still at the only the beginning for the bad news on Trump’s numbers. My prediction. They’re going to get worse. And worse. And worse. They will fall and will keep falling. They will not stop. I expect the putz to lose ground from that absurd announcement about digital cards. Trump will lose ground each month, maybe even each week.

A door has been shut on him. He has lost any ability for people to take him seriously. Now they snicker. The laughter is soft and tinkering and follows him. He has become a punchline. People are starting to see him as absurd.

My favorite analogy for Trump is that angry man on the corner stool at the bar. You know the one. We’ve all met “that guy” somewhere.

The one who can talk for five hours without stopping about how much the world hates him and how unfair everyone is to him. That is Donald trump. He is the stranger at the bar. And even though Trump does not realize it, there will come the point where a frog could go up against him and come out the winner.

Trump committed the political sin of being a goofball. Everyone’s rushing to get in on the laughs, and it’s infuriating him. So the man at the bar had better prepare himself because his numbers, already on the rocks, are about to crater even more. And that sure will give him plenty to rant about.

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